Thats such a brave statement to make, but we are that confident in what we do….. From our initial appointment we will help you with the design of your kitchen or bathroom. We will be 100% honest and tell you if something wont work or look right… Remember, we have to put our name to our work and if it wont work or look right then we wont do it! Other companies may, but we wont, as the last thing that we want is for you to be unhappy with the completed job.

We will provide you with a detailed quote of the work that we have discussed at our initial appointment. This is not set in stone, as this is the first draft and things will need to be tweeked, or you may wish to make some changes… We break everything down on our quotes as this will help when little tweeks are required…. We understand that you need to know exactly what you are paying for. If you kind of like what we have provisionally agreed then we will meet with you again for a second appointment and fine-tune everything…. After this fine-tuning we will give you a second quote. AND it goes on from there until you are 100% happy with everything.

As we dont have a showroom we are very competitive with our prices as we can pass on the savings straight to you. However if you are happy with a quote that we have done for you, but not quite sure whether to ‘go for it’ then we are more than happy to take you to see some of the jobs that we have done, so you can see the quality of our workmanship etc. At our appointment we can sho you sample doors that you like and also the quality of the cabinets.

We constantly review our work and get feedback from customers so that we can make improvements where necessary. This is why we know that we are the BEST and why we are so confident in what we do!