We supply and install shower enclosures to suit your budget, space and look…. The April Prestige range is one of our many best sellers and comes with high quality 8mm safety glass, luxurious features and a lifetime guarantee. There a many options to choose from in this range from frameless, double doors, single doors, quadrants, off-set quadrants, P shape, sliding doors, U-shape, bow front etc…..  The range also includes a 6mm safety glass option which is cheaper.

We also supply and install Merlyn enclosures and doors, which also boast exciting modern aesthetics with a high quality finish. However if you are on a budget but dont want to loose the quality, we also supply Moods enclosures and shower screens which comes with a 5 year guarantee.

The Clean & Clear glass protection system is applied at all April enclosures as standard. It is both innovative and highly beneficial as it creates a protective barrier to resist limescale build-up and water spots and also helps to maintain the pristine appearance for longer! Another advantage is that it hinders bacteria growth thus helping a more hygienic environment. Dont worry it is a non-stick surface! The nano-molecules chemically fuse with the surface of the glass; the clean and clear will never discolour, peel or crack….

The Prestige double door quad below has been superceded in popularity by the new single door quad, shown in picture 2…