Oldfield Bathrooms & kitchens is an approved Sensio retailer. Sensio lighting solutions offer quality, innovative LED lighting solutions to bathrooms & kitchens.

If there’s one space in the home where getting the lighting right is absolutely critical, it’s the kitchen. To get the perfect lighting scheme, consider your aesthetic aims as well as your practical needs, after all the kitchen is often considered as the hub of the home.

The days of using purely grids of ceiling down lighters in a kitchen design are no more. The trend for more open plan kitchen diners and the creation of a sociable space has driven a desire for mood lighting in addition to the required task lighting in a functional kitchen. Today there is so much more choice in lighting and the effects that can be created completely transform the room.

Lighting plans are best included during the planning stages of a new kitchen and it’s really important that the correct colour lighting is chosen to accent the furniture chosen to the very best effect. Cool White LED lights cast the brighter beam when comparing the two key LED colours. Cool White is ideal for a more contemporary or minimalist design. Whereas the Warm White LED option, matching conventional halogen lighting, is perfect for a more traditional look accentuating any timber finishes brilliantly that may feature in the room.

Think creatively about where to put the light source. Is it for task lighting, under wall cabinets to light up the work top areas or mood lighting on the plinth or above the wall units to project light onto the ceiling negating the need for large quantities of ceiling down lights. Incorporating lighting below an island unit can make it appear to float. There’s also a choice of coloured LED lights, use a colour changing, self-adhesive lighting strip to create a real impact. This type of lighting can be dimmed or the colour changed by one remote control.

The lighting solutions available:

Under Cabinet Spot Lighting: Under cabinet lighting is primarily used as task lighting. Perfectly positioned to ensure the kitchen is an efficient working space for everyday tasks such as food preparation. Spot lighting is typically positioned under the wall units to illuminate the worktop, giving light exactly where it is needed.

Under Cabinet Strip Lighting: The ultimate task lighting solution. Create a continuous run of unbroken lighting by using a LED strip light. Products can be interlinked or cut to length to create the perfect solution for you.

In Cabinet Lighting: Illuminate yours cupboards automatically as they open for ultimate ease of use by using an In Cabinet Light from the Sensio range. A beautiful added extra which brings a level of luxury to any kitchen design.

Over Cabinet Lighting: Illuminate door fronts using over cabinet lighting. A subtle mood light, a great addition to create a full lighting scheme.

Drawer Lighting: Drawer lighting is a functional convenience light which should be added to a design for ultimate ease of use. Sensio’s high definition LED drawer light is a great added extra to illuminate pan drawers where additional light is often sought.

Plinth Lighting: Integrate LED plinth lighting into your kitchen design to add dimension and depth to the room. Plinth lighting is soft and unobtrusive, used for decorative purpose. Often an overlooked aspect of kitchen lighting, it really can have a big impact.

Shelf Lighting: A stunning added extra to your lighting scheme, LED shelf lighting can have a big impact. Our range consists of external, wall mounted shelf lighting and internal lighting to illuminate glass pane shelving in a glass fronted wall unit.

Flexible Strip Lighting: Flexible LED strip lighting is the perfect product to really add depth to a room. It is extremely simple to use and can be used almost anywhere. Consider creating ambient mood lighting by using the flexible strip above wall units, along the plinth, under the worktop and even around a TV!

Integrated Solutions: Integrated solutions are profiles which are to be integrated into the furniture. Choose from recessed, angled or diffused aluminium profile options to create the perfect solution for your furniture design.

Oldfield Bathrooms & Kitchens offer the complete service; design, supply & installation. Covering all trades with one professional project manager overseeing the complete job. One quote, one invoice and one point of contact. You can be assured of quality design, quality products, professional installation with an eye for detail and quality aftercare….