At Oldfield Bathrooms & Kitchens we cover the complete job including the electrics. Getting the lighting right is a huge part of your kitchen or bathroom looking amazing! Do you choose cool white lights, warm white lights… which lights come on together…. moody lighting to set a nice ambience…. efficient task lighting… where should the sockets go…. make sure there’s enough…. its all in the detail & the detail of any job matters! It really matters… We include the electrics on your kitchen or bathroom quote & detail carefully all aspects so you know how many sockets you’ll have, how many downlights you’ll have…. Our electrician fully renews all the electrics in your kitchen or bathroom then he can give you a certificate to ensure that extra peace of mind in knowing your fully covered by a qualified professional…. Our electrician has been a registered for the new building regulations ‘PART P’ Electrical safety, since it was introduced. They are registered with the NICEIC domestic installer scheme. This allows them to self certify and provide certificates for all notifiable work. Quality service, quality workmanship, fully qualified professional, experienced tradesmen….