We offer a range of worktop options in laminate, granite or quartz. The choice is dependant upon your budget, style and colour scheme…..

The most affordable is laminate which offers excellent value for money. We have a range of colour options to choose from.

This kitchen shows how effective a laminate can look….. Teamed with quality, textured porcelain tiles and chrome square tile bead finishing off the edges makes a neat,  modern quality finish.


Granite worktops are a popular choice and offer a classic, luxurious finish to any kitchen. Granite is quarried directly from the mountainside where it has formed over millions of years. Due to the nature of granite each piece naturally varies in colour and veining. It is incredibly hard and is polished to give a high shine  finish. Oldfields will ensure that your granite is made bespoke to your kitchen dimensions; we will measure and template for you, ensuring that the finish is spot-on!   The kitchen that this customer chose was Itallian Walnut finished with a striking granite worktop and granite splash-backs. Typically if granite is chosen the splash-backs (or upstands) are 100mm high around the worktop area and full height behind the hob, up to the extractor.

Quartz has the weight and appearance of natural stone, but with a striking modern quality. Quartz is man-made and is composed of 93% quartz and 7% polymer resin. As a result it offers unparalled strength and durability. In fact there are only 3 natural stones harder than quartz; diamond, sapphire and topaz. Quartz has elegance and beauty making this an undoubtedly luxurious, quality worksurface which adds real value to any home. As with granite, the splash-backs or upstands finish off your kitchen beautifully. As quartz is man-made there are lots of colours to choose from to suit any colour scheme. Again the measure and template would be done for you so the finish is 100% bespoke to your requirements.