Some companies advertise that their kitchens are £15,000 and now with the sale they are £7,000. Why not do the best price from the start?

We always prepare the first quote and understand that this is a starting point to further discussion, things need to be tweeked, changed to ensure that the customer is 100% happy with everything before we start the work. There are no hidden extras and you have the assurance of knowing that the price wont change. You also have the peace of mind that your design has been properly thought out and understood. Some companies employ designers to plan your kitchen who give no thought to pipework, electrics, walls not being plumb, unforeseen issues: practical stuff. We are not just designers and you can be assured that we will advise correctly on what will work and not, we are practical and professional in everything we do so be aware, don’t get sucked in by clueless designers. It may look good on paper, but will it practically work?