I have noted that we are EXCELLENT in many of my blog posts! The reason that I can be so bold is in the proof of the customer feedback forms that we receive back from the Guild of MasterCraftsmen.

We do offer a complete service which also includes feedback from our customers. Whats the point of not gaining feedback, good or bad from our customers!? We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and a major factor in seeking this continuous improvement is analysing our feedback forms.

As members of the Guild of Mastercraftsmen we are obliged under the terms of the membership to provide regular feedback forms to them so that they can monitor our work and further recommend our company to prospective clients. Therefore we issue feedback forms to all our customers when the job has been completed; they then in turn complete and return the form (by freepost) to the Guild of Mastercraftsmen. The loop is completed when we receive back the checked feedback from the Guild.

Take a look at the accreditations section on our website and you can see many feedback forms received back…..

Here is an example of a feedback form recently received back from one of our happy customer, 5 means excellent by the way, click on the image of form to make larger!!!: