What a mess! Look at this trashed room…. The ceiling was originally tonge & groove stained wood (not attractive!). The whole bathroom was tired and needed totally ripping out! Which we did with great delight! The main 22mm central heating pipe-work had to be totally removed as it was located in boxing-in & not concealed in-between the joists. This included the hot/ cold pipes also. We totally re-designed the bathroom and by changing the pipework we could get rid of the ugly boxing-in, to make the end result more slick……..

What do you think about the end result? The customer chose a contemporary porcelain tile and complemented this by choosing the cabinet in white gloss from the linear furniture range, complemented further by the solid white gloss bath panel.

All tiling is finished off using chrome square edge tile bead, as this gives a clean and neat finish to edges. The designer L-shape shower bath & signature L-shape shower screen look fab in the newly refurbished bathroom….

What a transformation….