The ‘Thyme’ suite is a fashionably compact space saving bathroom suite that has water efficiency at the heart of its design.. Have a look at the new suite; another great space saving solution for smaller bathrooms….

The Thyme range offers 3 basins; full pedestal, winged basin (500×345) or a smaller cloakroom basin (400×385).

You can also choose from a short projection wall mounted pan or a short projection close coupled WC, both come with soft close seats…

A new rival to the ever popular micro-space range….


All 3 basins in the range come with 1-tap hole; this can be to the left or the right, whichever suits your space…

WC’s use about 30% of the total amount of water used in an average household. Most older style toilets can use up to 13 litres in just 1 flush! The new Thyme WC reduces the amount of water needed for the perfect flush at 4 litres and 2.6 litres. Apparently statistics tell us that an average household flushes 5,000 times a year! Who gathers this information?! However, it is useful! Its therefore easy to see the savings of our valuable resource and your water bill! You can make a total saving of approximately 30,000 litres of water a year!

The Eco bath (shown in the main photo) will also save approximately 30% of water due to the reduced bathing depth and volume of water, which is 140 litres, compared to an average standard bath which is in excess of 200 litres. Here we go with statistics again…. apparently baths use 15%  of all water used in an averahe household. Most households use in excess of 15,000 litres of bath water a year… Are you bored yet? All you need to remember is that the clever shaping of this bath uses less water!